Together We Change More Lives

Clay Saillant

TASC Case Manager

She’s not on our staff. She has no phone here. And she doesn’t have a Prairie Center email.

But you can find her at our Urbana facility a lot, and we definitely consider her a part of the team.

You see, like the rest of us here, Clay Saillant is working to fight addiction.

A petite 5’ 3” you might not guess Clay’s line of work.

Every day she works with male parolees with histories of substance abuse to help them find the transition services they need to successfully re-enter society after their release from prison.

So what’s a Case Manager for TASC, or Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities, doing hanging around Prairie Center?


Prairie Center and TASC have formed an innovative partnership to increase face-time for her with clients, strengthen treatment relationships, and ultimately increase success rates. About 85% of the clients she sees receive services from Prairie Center, so having Clay around here creates a stronger and more unified team fighting addiction, and creates efficiencies in service deliveries which is badly needed now more than ever.

As a Case Manager, Clay considers herself a conduit of information, helping to bring treatment and mental health professionals together with parole staff, counselors, and sometimes DCFS to create stronger interdisciplinary collaborations that increase chances for success and reduce chances of recidivism.

She also helps her clients — she juggles about 45 cases at a time spread across Champaign, Vermilion, Ford, and Iroquois counties — to connect with housing, travel, and employment resources, other health care needs, and vital documents like state identification cards.

I’m a conduit of information, creating collaborations that increase chances for success and reduce chances of recidivism.

“Partnering more closely with Prairie Center like this means we change more lives,” she says. Over the course of a year she estimates she’ll work with Prairie Center staff to help about 200 parolees successfully reenter society, get jobs, reconnect with family, and build new lives.

“Clay adds tremendous value to our addiction-fighting efforts, both professionally and logistically”, says Dan Giers, an Adult Outpatient Counselor with Prairie Center who liaises closely with Clay and her clients. “We’re glad to have her as a more regular fixture around here.”

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