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With addiction, we know that every person's situation is different.

We also know that everyone's path to recovery needs to be one unique to their needs and experiences.

Prairie Center's team of care-giving professionals offers customized residential and outpatient services to those with substance abuse issues. We also offer an array of prevention and education programs for communities, organizations, individuals, and families throughout east central Illinois. 

Our work is rebuilding lives, families, and communities touched by substance abuse and addiction.

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Most of our residential and outpatient services start with a confidential intake assessment, or screening, to determine the services you need.

In Urbana these are done by appointment as well as on a first-come/first-serve walk-in basis on Mondays and Thursdays. Call 217-328-4500 to schedule an appointment at this office. In Danville, screenings and assessments are done by appointment and on a first-come/first-serve walk-in basis on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call 217-477-4500 for an appointment in Danville.

At the intake session, if it’s determined you qualify for outpatient services, you’ll leave the assessment with a follow up appointment with a counselor. If you need inpatient residential services, our staff will help coordinate this for you.


Payment, Insurance & Financial Assistance Information

We know addiction can touch anyone. Our doors are open to anyone needing to overcome their dependency to drugs or alcohol. Cost for services depend on many factors, including treatment type and plan, insurance benefits, and household income. Our services are offered on a sliding scale, and we accept many types of health insurance: Learn more about payment, insurance, and financial expectations.

We are deeply committed to care for clients who want and need help regardless of their ability to pay. Click here to learn more about our Financial Assistance programs. Generous community donors and grant support help us ensure that when someone is ready to overcome their addiction, Prairie Center is there for them. 

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