With addiction, we know that every person's situation is different. We also know that your path to recovery needs to be one unique to you.

That’s why Prairie Center’s residential program provides you with an individual treatment plan for your specific needs.

Our residential treatment program is a 24-bed facility located in Champaign, Illinois and is for individuals 18 and older who suffer from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. The average inpatient stay ranges from 30 to 90 days, as determined by both need and progress in treatment.

Accessing inpatient services begins with an assessment. Acceptance will be based on your assessed need, bed openings, and several other factors.

If you are accepted for treatment, our team will design a custom treatment plan for you, considering all variables impacting your addiction, including substances used, physical and mental health, family relationships, and gender.

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A Typical Day

During your stay with us, you’ll experience a variety of group and individual therapy sessions, engage in educational and recreational opportunities, help with chores, get involved in the local recovery community, and be given supportive case management services.

Sessions and programs offered each day are all meant to help you build new skills, set short- and long-term goals, gain new insights, and help you learn coping mechanisms. Your time with us will be highly structured, and you’ll stay busy with activities nearly all day every day, including attending a mix of group and one-on-one therapy sessions.

Each day will begin with a group “community meeting” where you’ll structure your day and set daily goals. Weekly, you’ll do a wrap-up to review goals and progress. 

Each day, you’ll also participate in educational sessions on topics such as developing social skills, leadership skills, anger management, thought-restructuring, co-dependency, boundary issues, the science of addiction, disease theory, the cycle of addiction, trigger identification, life-mapping, dealing with feelings in a healthy way, family dynamics and reunification basics, stress management, spirituality, health and wellness, drug education, relapse prevention, how to have sober fun, and introduction to 12-Step Recovery.

We also provide various opportunities for healthy mind and body activities like yoga, mindfulness and meditation, nutrition education, art therapy, and other recreational therapy opportunities like cookouts, bowling, movies, hiking, or sports in the park.

Through case management, our staff will also help provide you with linkages and referrals to community services to help you with housing, education, family and children issues, medical care, legal needs, and employment assistance, should you need them.  And while you’ll be kept busy nearly all day every day, we also make sure to allow for free time as well.

Male and female residents are located on separate secured floors and clients have semi-private rooms. Here’s a helpful checklist of items to bring/not bring if you are admitted for residential treatment.

About Our Residential Team

The caring staff at our residential facility combine experience and professional credentials. Programs and services are provided by a team of licensed or credentialed addictions specialists. Our residential work is guided by a Medical Director on duty 24 hours a day seven days a week.

What Happens After My Stay

Patients who successfully complete their treatment program may transition into a less intensive level of outpatient care at our Urbana facility, Danville facility, or with another provider to help you continue to build your recovery skills in a supportive environment while you pursue your education, employment, and personal growth. Your counselor will discuss your recommended next steps with you during your stay with us.

Prairie Center is committed to meeting your unique needs and giving you the specialized treatment you need to find and maintain recovery.

Contact us confidentially for more information about our Residential Inpatient Program.