Outpatient drug and alcohol services are offered at both our Urbana and Danville locations. At each facility, our trained professional staff can provide you with a range of customized services, including:

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The First Steps

Outpatient services generally start with a confidential intake assessment, or screening, to determine the services you need.

In Urbana they are done by appointment as well as on a first-come/first-serve walk-in basis on Mondays and Thursdays. Call 217-328-4500 to schedule an appointment at this office. In Danville, screening and assessments are done by appointment and on a first-come/first-serve walk-in basis on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call 217-477-4500 for an appointment in Danville.

At this intake session, if it’s determined you qualify for outpatient services, you’ll leave the assessment with a follow up appointment with a counselor. If you need inpatient residential services, our staff will help coordinate this for you.

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