Other Criminal Justice partnerships

Many people touched by addiction and the criminal justice system are usually better served by addressing the underlying causes of their substance abuse issue in order to change behavior both short- and long-term.

It’s estimated that 85% of those incarcerated have substance abuse issues. Despite incarceration, their habits often continue with nearly 90% not receiving adequate – or any – treatment during detention.

In addition to our Drug Court work, Prairie Center also proudly participates in several other life-changing corrections partnerships .

These important criminal justice partnerships link people in the system with the support, tools, and education they need to grow and change. By   learning new skills to help end destructive behavior, we are helping to reduce impacts on the criminal justice system, increase recovery rates, and drive down recidivism.

CU Fresh Start

This innovative program focuses on offenders with a history of gun-related behavior. If those selected for the program choose end their violent ways, they receive free community services and resources. For those needing substance abuse-related help, Prairie Center is a proud provider for those choosing this “fresh start” opportunity.

US Probation

Prairie Center is also a long-time partner with United States Probation, providing substance abuse and mental health treatment for US Probation clients.




Our communities grow stronger when recovery is accessible to everyone. Prairie Center is a proud partner in these programs that reduce drug use, cut crime, save money, restore lives, and reunite families.

Join us in the fight to end addiction today!