Helping Our Youth

Growing up in today’s complicated world can be challenging. Equip teens to make positive life choices and healthy decisions. Teens may act out in response to negative circumstances in their lives. They may turn to substances to cope. And life’s even more challenging for teens dealing with a substance use disorder.

Luckily, there’s help out there! Prairie Center offers several programs for teens.

Prevention & Education Services (Champaign, Ford, and Vermilion County students)
We have 5 Prevention Specialists who spend the bulk of their time outside of the office working with students in the schools and other places in the community. While middle school students are our main focus, we also work with elementary and high school students. We are currently in 17 schools throughout Champaign, Ford, and Vermilion Counties and served approximately 6200 students last year. We work with students on life skills and the Too Good for Drugs Curriculum from the Mendez Foundation. Topics covered include goal-setting, decision-making, communication, emotions, peer pressure, and drugs. Our Prevention Specialists use worksheets, role-playing, and games with the students, and everything is interactive. Our Prevention Specialists also facilitate Youth Advisory Committees, help get the word out about Drug Take Back Programs, and promote special activities for Red Ribbon Week and National Prevention Week. Would you like our Prevention Specialists to come to your child’s school? Contact the school principal and also contact our Prevention & Education Director Rachael Blosser at 217.689.4953 x234 or email her. Do you know a Vermilion County youth who would be interested in serving on an advisory committee? Please contact Rachael.

Parenting with Love & Limits (PLL) (for Champaign County residents)
Our Parenting with Love & Limits (PLL) program in Champaign County was started nearly 10 years ago to work with parents and their behaviorally challenged teens 10 years old and up. PLL is open to Champaign County residents and is free of charge. Our therapists work with families for 6 weeks. The program includes group sessions once a week as well as individual family sessions once a week. In the therapy sessions, the therapists work with the family to come up with a plan specific to them. The therapist works with the parents to give them the tools they need to restructure their parenting and be more effective. The case manager works closely with the teens, providing resources and referrals, such as recreational activities, employment opportunities, and mentoring partnerships.           

Youth Substance Abuse (located in Urbana and Danville)
Youth who may not be abusing drugs or alcohol, but who have life circumstances that could potentially lead them down that path can receive services provided by professional counselors. Youth can be referred to this program by parents, relatives, school social workers, anyone. They can also call for help themselves. The program works with them to help them make better and healthier decisions. It also provides them with the tools they need to cope with the challenges in their lives. And it works to increase the youth’s self-confidence and self-esteem. The program accomplishes these goals through counseling and case management.

For youth with a substance use disorder diagnosis, we offer substance abuse treatment services in Urbana and Danville. Anyone can refer a youth for treatment or they can also refer themselves. We provide a thorough assessment. Treatment involves individual counseling, family counseling, and case management that includes transportation, referrals, and education. Services are provided at our Danville and Urbana offices and at other locations within the community. The ultimate goal of treatment is to help youth establish and maintain abstinence from substances.