Inpatient Admission Details

If I’m admitted for inpatient treatment, what can I bring/not bring?

Start by clicking here for residential program admission information. In addition, we ask that you bring any prescription medications you are currently taking, and be sure to bring them in their prescription bottles with current prescription information on them. Click here to learn more about preparing to be a patient, directions, and what to bring, etc.

What's the process for getting into addiction treatment?

Prairie Center is focused first and foremost on making sure we have the best solution to address your specific treatment needs. The admissions process begins when you call our recovery experts to discuss your situation. That initial process will help us identify the most effective clinical options available to you. Our recovery experts are committed to providing help as quickly as possible. Call us any day, any time to ask questions or to begin the admissions process at 217-328-4500.

Why do some people stay longer than others?

Addiction is a multifaceted disease that impacts physical, emotional and psychological health and wellbeing. Patients with more complex recovery issues may require more time in treatment to address:

  • Mental health complications
  • Special issues and concerns
  • Relapse prevention
  • Sober living skills
  • Return to work planning

Does Prairie Center have medical and nursing staff onsite?

Prairie Center's inpatient treatment center has a physician on site during regular admission hours. Upon admission to our inpatient treatment programs, patients check in at the medical unit where a comprehensive medical history and screening are conducted. This unit is staffed by experienced addiction treatment nurses. For urgent and emergency medical and psychiatric care needs, we refer residential patients to local resources such as acute care hospitals, specialty physicians and psychiatrists.

Can my family call me while I'm in treatment? Can I get mail? Email?

Following admission to Prairie Center’s residential program, you can contact your family to provide them with the phone number and times when you can be reached. As a patient, you will not have access to email, but postal mail is accepted. It is recommended that you bring a telephone calling card to pay for long distance calls. Admissions counselors can help you with more details on how to contact your family while in residential treatment. Our outpatient and inpatient programs allow visitors.

I like to work out. Can I do that while I’m in treatment at Prairie Center?

Absolutely. Physical health and fitness are important aspects of Prairie Center treatment programs. Workout and fitness facilities vary by location and may include weights, walking trails, and other resources. In our adult inpatient programs, patients have many opportunities to engage in fitness activities.