Help Beyond Prairie Center

What happens after drug or alcohol treatment?

Recovery from addiction involves daily commitment and practice, and some of those days will be challenging—especially early on. That's why our help and support won't end when you complete treatment with us. Our recovery programs, services, and tools promote the gains you made during treatment, reinforce healthy habits, and help you stay connected with your recovery community, including:

  • on-site AA and NA groups
  • alumni groups
  • connection to other 12-step programs

How can I find 12-step support groups in my area?

There are a variety of support groups that can be an additional support for you and your loved one. You can also call the following hotlines for assistance or click on the links for the websites:

What is the Prairie Center alumni community?

Alumni of Prairie Center number in the tens of thousands and live in all parts of the country and world—forming a remarkable, supportive community where you can connect, serve and belong. When you are engaged and involved with others in this alumni community, you strengthen your own recovery from addiction and support others who share the journey. Our alumni groups, newsletters, activities, and speaker events are designed to keep you connected with your alumni community.

Do I have to keep going to AA or other Twelve Step group meetings?

These mutual self-help groups provide wonderful fellowship and help people hold a steady course after addiction treatment, particularly by building connections within their home communities. Recovery from addiction is a lifelong journey and treatment is only the first step. Working a Twelve Step program and attending meetings is proven to help people sustain and thrive in recovery.