DUI Evaluations

If you are ordered by the court or advised by your attorney to get a DUI Evaluation, Prairie Center can help.

To schedule a DUI Evaluation, bring the following three documents to our Urbana Office (718 Killarney) Monday through Thursday from 8AM to 4PM:

  1. Either a Notice of Summary Suspension (which you got at the time of your arrest) or an Officer Sworn Report (usually available in the Circuit Clerk’s office of the county in which you got your DUI)
  2. Driving Record: Either your Driving Abstract ($12 at the DMV) or a Hearing Officer Consultation List (which is free, but you must get it from a hearing officer, and not all DMV locations have a hearing officer)
  3. Proof of Income: a paystub from the last 30 days or your most recent tax return.
  4. Proof of Medical Insurance (if applicable).

When you come to Prairie Center’s Urbana facility with these documents, you will be given a packet of paperwork to complete. We will also do a financial evaluation at that time. This entire process takes about 30-45 minutes. Once it is completed, you will be scheduled for a two-hour meeting with a DUI Evaluator. Please come in and schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

The DUI Evaluation
The DUI Evaluation takes approximately two hours and consists of two parts. The first part is an objective test that you take on a computer at Prairie Center. The test measures truthfulness, alcohol use, drug use, stress management, and driver risk. The test can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1½ hours. The second part of the evaluation is a clinical interview. During this interview, the DUI Evaluator will do a lifetime drug and alcohol use history with you and examine all other driving and non-driving legal offenses.

After the evaluation, you’ll be given one of four risk classifications: mild, moderate, significant, or high. Each classification corresponds to minimum education and treatment hours that you must complete.

At the conclusion of the evaluation, you will walk away with a document to give to your attorney or the court. At that time, you can also sign up for classes to continue your progress.

After the Evaluation
You will need to attend classes based upon the risk classification you were assigned. Prairie Center starts classes for the mild, moderate, and significant risk classifications at the beginning of every month.

  • Those with a mild classification will need to attend all 10 hours of risk education classes (4 classes).
  • Those with a moderate risk classification need to attend all 10 hours of risk education classes AND complete 12 hours of early intervention.
  • Those with a significant risk classification must attend the 10 hours of risk education classes AND complete a minimum of 20 hours of substance abuse treatment.
  • Those with a high risk classification must complete a minimum of 75 hours of substance abuse treatment.

A DUI Evaluation is only valid for 6 months.