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Prevention Services

Breaking the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction in our community begins with education. At the Prairie Center, you will find a valuable resource where youth and school personnel can learn about dangers of alcohol & drug use, and how these problems affect individuals and the communities they live in. The Prairie Center offers prevention education services to Champaign, Ford, and Vermilion Counties.

Our trained Prevention Specialists provide an evidence-based life skills and drug education curriculum to students. Education prevention programs are available for preschool through high school on various topics. Sessions deal with the health risks associated with the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Life skills sessions may include instruction on and discussion of refusal skills, self-esteem, communicating with parents, and related social issues. These services are free of charge. Lessons can be tailored to your specific needs. Our prevention team are active members of several anti-drug community-wide coalitions working to reduce youth substance abuse levels.

The Prevention Staff at the Prairie Center are also extensively involved in various media campaigns throughout the year, including our annual Red Ribbon Event. Our staff participate in many community events to spread the message of how important prevention is to reduce youth substance use.

To learn more about Prairie Center's prevention programs, please contact Sherri Rudicil, Prevention Director, at (217) 693-3071 or srudicil@prairie-center.com.