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Outpatient Services

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At Prairie Center, we understand the importance of a supportive environment, learning, and spirituality in a person's recovery. We view substance abuse as a chronic, but treatable disease.

Prairie Center provides outpatient services at both our Urbana and Danville facilities. We provide Intensive Outpatient as well as Outpatient levels of care. Qualified professionals on our team always help to guide treatment.

A thorough assessment is performed to first determine the severity of each individual's illness and to screen for medical and mental health disorders. An individualized treatment plan is then created, building on the client's strengths and needs. Developed together with a counselor assigned to each client, treatment plans provide those seeking our care and help with the ongoing treatment and support they need to build a strong and lasting recovery foundation. 

Our counselors also provide off-site group and individual treatment counseling services, based on special local and state grant support available.

All of Prairie Center's programs are evidence-based, providing individual counseling and a wide array of education and treatment groups.