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Success Stories & Testimonials

Success Stories & Testimonials

At the Prairie Center, our clients are the most important part of all we do. They inspire us every day, and we know their stories will inspire you, too. Check out our new Prairie Center Stories site and get ready to be inspired.  

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Here are some other lives we have touched:

“The Prairie Center’s work has made me want to be a productive member of society instead of a statistic.”

"My counselor saved my life and inspired me to be a better person."

“Through the Prairie Center, I realized that my recovery is a process and not an event. I'm so grateful for the stability you provided to every area of my life, not just my recovery.”

“I could not have done this without the Prairie Center.”

"Thank you for the important and vital work you do!"

"The counselors were very professional
and put back the confidence I had lost to my addiction.

"The staff – and even the others in treatment – made me feel like family. It felt like I truly belonged. My friends and family are amazed at how far I've come in such a short period of time.” 

“The Prairie Center staff is amazing – always going above and beyond what is expected."

"My counselor was amazing! She consistently went above and beyond to help me in my treatment. Her insights into my underlying root causes helped me immensely. I am more confident in my ability to handle my relapse triggers because her help."

"I appreciate the help and honesty given to me so I could have a better and improved life."

"I learned a great deal with my counselor on the way my disease effects my life. He  was able to point out the areas in my life I need to work on the most. I now have a better understanding of myself now."