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What to Expect

Knowing what to expect when you begin treatment can help alleviate some concerns and fears.  We understand that making the choice to begin treatment is a major life decision, and is often accompanied by some anxiety.  We are here to help, to answer questions, and to listen.

Step 1:  Screening:  If you are unsure if you or a loved one may be in need of substance abuse treatment services, you can find out by completing a self-administered screening.  If you come to either of our outpatient locations, a staff member will help you with a brief screening to see whether our services may be appropriate for you.  If we do not have the services you need, we will try to connect you with an organization that can meet your needs.  

Step 2:  Schedule an assessment:  If the screening shows that our services may help you, a full assessment will be conducted to determine which service level is the most appropriate for you.  Please call one of our admissions offices to schedule an assessment.  (Danville:  217-477-4500 or Urbana: 217-328-4500)

Step 3:   Bring to your assessment:  Please bring proof of income, Medicaid or Insurance Card, and emergency contact information.  Create a current list of prescribed medications (or a 30-day supply in original containers for inpatient clients).  If you are participating in outpatient treatment, it is important to have childcare and transportation issues resolved before treatment begins.  Notify us if any difficulties with transportation or childcare arise.  We are here to help.

Step 4:  The assessment:  This appointment takes approximately 1½ hrs. to complete.  During the assessment, you will be asked several questions.  You will work with a professional clinician to determine which level of care is most appropriate for you.  You and/or your family members will be informed of your financial responsibilities related to your treatment.