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Making a Referral to Our Programs

The Prairie Center cares about your client.  We strive to prepare clients for a life of lasting recovery beyond treatment. Our programs help clients discover new skills to manage addictive behaviors.

Your client’s recovery is important to us. When creating an individualized treatment plan to meet the emotional, psychological, and physical needs of your client, the staff at the Prairie Center will collaborate with you to create a program that best fits the needs of your client. Your clients will receive support and compassion during their treatment with us, as we vow to treat them with dignity and respect.   With proper client consent, our staff will ensure you are kept updated on your client’s progress throughout the treatment process.

In this section, we have provided information we hope you will find helpful in making a professional referral to our services. But, the best way to learn about us is by talking directly to one of our staff members. Let us help you guide your clients and families onto the path toward lasting recovery.

How to make a professional referral.