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Financial Expectations

A client account representative will work with you during admission and throughout your treatment to help develop a payment plan that meets your individual circumstances, because each individual's treatment plan and services are tailored to their specific needs.  Costs for services are dependent on many factors, including your insurance benefits and/or household income. The client account representative will assist in verifying your insurance coverage and any required co-payments. In the event you qualify for public funding, we will assist you in accessing that funding as best we can. 

We accept many types of health insurance, Medicaid, self pay, and other third party payments.  Funding for services from various state departments & federal and local grants also help to off-set costs for those who qualify. As a tax-exempt organization, the Prairie Center provides care to clients regardless of their ability to pay for that care or the source of payment. We also recognize that some clients may need help to pay their treatment bills.

We are here to help.  We understand that some clients are not able to pay all of their treatment bills. For that reason, we provide a sliding fee schedule or free care to those who need it. While you're in treatment, we want you to concentrate on your recovery. Our client account representatives can help you by: 

  • checking insurance coverage
  • identifying any "holes" in that coverage
  • looking for alternative methods of coverage
  • setting up payment plans
  • helping clients apply for fee waivers
Routine fees covered under the Prairie Center’s daily rate for inpatient treatment may include, but are not limited to, your room, meals, group therapy, and individual sessions with a counselor. Routine fees related to outpatient treatment are associated with group and individual sessions.
Your client account representative can tell you the current fees for your services. Non-routine costs may include, but are not limited to, prescription medications, lab work, special medical care, and room and board charges should your insurance policy not cover them.
To learn more information, go to our payment policy page.