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Our History

The Prairie Center is proud of its rich history.  Providing over 40 years of community service, the agency was formed from organizations that provided grassroots response to alcoholism and drug abuse. The origins of the Prairie Center include three community organizations: The Champaign County Council on Alcoholism, Gemini Foundation, and the Mustard Seed Foundation. The following timeline provides a brief review of some of the agency’s historical milestones:

Mustard Seed Foundation was founded to “provide continuing care for alcoholics.”  The Champaign County Council on Alcoholism was founded the same year to provide education and increase awareness of alcoholism.

Gemini Foundation was founded to provide drug information and crisis intervention.  The Mustard Seed Foundation opened a halfway house in Champaign.

Champaign County Council on Alcoholism and Mustard Seed Foundation merged.

Champaign County Council on Alcoholism opened a detoxification program.

Gemini House and Champaign County Council on Alcoholism merged to form Prairie Center for Substance Abuse, providing comprehensive services for drug and alcohol problems.

The Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse announced Prairie Center would receive funding for services in Vermilion County. Prairie Center rented space from Crosspoint Human Services and began offering services in Danville.

The Prairie Center operates 3 facilities located in Champaign, Danville, and Urbana offering a full continuum of care for drug and alcohol problems. Prairie Center provides outreach services in Rantoul, Paxton, Gibson City, Hoopeston, and at schools & community centers throughout our service area. We believe that our history of grassroots organizing and strong local ties is at the core of our effectiveness in responding to community needs.